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A unique angle on your day...

I can provide aerial videography and photography services using commercial drones, bringing the experience and equipment of commercial drone work to your wedding day. These drones can gather footage that will provide a unique aspect of your wedding day.


I was trained by some of the best UAV instructors in the UK and am happy to work collaboratively with your photographer and videographer on the day. The drone coverage can ensure that every angle and every stage of your special event is captured.

Each job is unique, so they are priced according to your needs. All drones are operated by CAA-Approved Drone Pilots who are legally permitted and insured for commercial operations.


Ideal for large group photos and beautiful videos of the wedding venue, these drones can capture every special detail on film, and I'm passionate about delivering a quality service to my clients.

Packages can be requested alone (if you already have a photographer and/or videographer) or as an add on to any of my Film Packages.

Prices start from £199


Special Booking Information - Aerial

All aerial work is only confirmed subject to a risk assessment and flight plan being completed.  The cost of these is taken upon booking and is included in the overall fee.  Should a flight found to not be possible at the planning stage 50% of the booking fee will be refunded.

If on the day the pilot deems the conditions to be too dangerous to fly (weather / other air traffic), then you will be entitled to a 50% refund of the overall fee.