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Real Wedding - Gary & Clint, Lympne Castle, Kent

After a few delays and almost 3 years since meeting them, I had the great pleasure of filming the wedding of Gary & Clint at the stunning Lympne Castle in Kent. The weather could not have been kinder on the day, and a great day was had by all!

Here is their story...

What’s your story? How did you first meet? Who made the first move?

G - I am from Surrey & have been flying as Cabin Crew for different airlines over the last 10 years. I have a real passion for travel & adventure. My main passion however is horses, my forte is show jumping and I have had the honour of competing at many shows including Hickstead.

C - I’m originally from the south coast in East Sussex. I have been flying in the aviation world for over 15 years for a many different airlines. I also have a real passion for travel and seeing the world. I love anything that gets my pulse raising, such as skydiving, scuba diving. However, I have real passion for the ocean I guess that stems from being bought up by the sea.

G - I first met Clint when I was training to cabin crew for one of the airlines I worked for. He was a trainer, and I was on my new hire course to be cabin crew.

C - I met Gary on his training course, we met on an aircraft that he was doing a visit too. He caught my eye, but I needed to remain professional due to work.

C - Later during the rest of his training course one of his other instructors decided to inform me that Gary had taken a shine to me. She was intending to play Cupid and match us up. So, after a little bit of organisation, we arranged for me to sit in on his training course. I remember the topic was first aid and Gary had volunteered to be the casualty for a scenario, I was playing the crew member attending to him. Gary was to say lightly a little bit embarrassed & shocked when he noticed it was me.

G - I was mortified at first as I didn’t realise that the comment, I made about Clint to another delegate had managed to find its way back to him. When I was playing the casualty, I didn’t know which way to look or what to do. Everyone knew that I liked him, and I wished the ground would have opened up.

C - So from this a friendship blossom, we exchanged numbers and started texting & calling each other. Now Gary will tell you I was playing hard to get which was probably true if I’m honest.

G - We were messaging everyday and getting to know each other. I made the first move and asked Clint on a date. Clint was receptive to this, but I could tell he was a little apprehensive. We eventually arranged to go to the cinema. He wasn’t keen about coming to Surrey, so I travelled down to see him in Sussex. We met at the cinema and enjoyed the film; I couldn’t tell you what the film was about lol.

C - After the first date Gary was really keen to meet up again and after a few more dinner dates Gary invited me to his house to cook me dinner.

What's your engagement story?

C - After a few hundred hints from Gary I decided to do the honourable thing and propose to Gary. However, I am a traditionalist and wanted to ask Gary’s dad for permission before doing so. So, after a few weeks building up the courage I managed to pull myself together and ask him the question. I made Gary’s dad a cup of tea and as I gave it to him, I asked him if it would be ok to ask for his son’s hand in marriage. Now the response I got wasn’t what I was expecting. He said “do what you want” lol. So, once I had managed to calm my nerves down I did just that and planned where & when I was going to pop the question. I arranged to accompany Gary on a work trip to New York.

On a beautiful spring day in NYC, I asked Gary if he wanted to have a walk down to Central Park in Manhattan. We had a lovely walk drinking coffee & chatting. In the back of my mind, I amidst the nerves I was looking for a place in Central Park to pop the question. So, after walking about 4 miles lol I managed to find the perfect spot. It was right on the lake side down by the famous Bow Bridge in the middle of Central Park. We sat for a bit on a small pontoon which overlooked the bridge and the lake. My nerves at this point were sky high to say the least. I had the ring in my back pocket wrapped in tissue paper which I had got from the hotel room, I couldn’t risk him seeing the box in my pocket.

As the passers-by fizzled out, I took the plunge and got down on one knee. It was truly a special moment, it was perfect. We could hear someone playing the cello on the bridge, the sun was out & the sky was blue. He said YES and made the day one of the happiest I have ever experienced.

G - I had no idea that Clint was going to propose. It was a completed shock. We had a lovely walk, but I was starting to get tired after walking 4 miles. I did wonder why we were walking in circles around the lake lol. When he got down on one knee initially, I thought he was going to ask me to dance. Don’t ask me why I guess it was the cello playing in the background.

Once I realised what was happening, I didn’t hesitate in agreeing to marry Clint. After that point I felt like I was walking on clouds, I had a grin from ear to ear so much that my jaw started to ache.

Funniest moment together (that we can post on a wedding blog!)

C/G - One of the funniest moments I think we both agree on is the planning of our big day. Especially the bridesmaids’ dresses. We must have bought 7 or 8 different dresses. Now you can imagine that its easier with a male/female couple as the bride to be has a knowledge of what dresses look good, sizes/styles etc. You can imagine the difficulty two men had picking the right dress. Due to the location of our bridesmaids, it was difficult to arrange multiple fittings SO we had to look at an alternative…. This person ended up being Gary’s Dad. Yes, we asked Gary’s dad who is a man’s man with tattoos everywhere to be our model. We actual lost count of the times we put him in a dress. Not only the different dresses but the different sizes. We then had him in them again to make sure the shoes worked with the dresses as well as the accessories. He was an absolute legend and never complained. We could have entered him into Ru Pauls Drag Race at one point lol. Even now we still chuckle about this.

Your wedding day, what are your individual memories of the day? What parts make you laugh, and which make you cry (in a good way)

G - I have so many memories of the day. The biggest memory for me was having all my family & friends there. The amount of love & kindness was overwhelming. The main memory was walking down the aisle seeing Clint standing there, feeling so happy & yet so nervous about not falling over or making a mistake. Listening to the speeches was the part that made me well up, especially from my mum & brother.

C - The memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. They say that the day goes by in a blink and how true that was. I am so grateful for Adam & Gecko Films as we can relive our special day. There were things that I couldn’t remember until we saw them on film. The biggest memory which made us each laugh was when Gary’s best man dropped the wedding rings during the ceremony. I think It was my fault as I tied the rings onto the cushion too tightly - I didn’t want them coming undone accidentally lol. The moment that made me cry is the same as Gary’s, the speeches got me. My mums made me feel so proud and my maid of honours made me cry.

What one tip would you give to someone on their wedding day?

G - Enjoy it, don’t be afraid to let go and just be yourself. It’s your special day.

C - Take time for you & your husband/wife. The day can be so busy, it’s important to take a moment for the two of you. Check in with each other throughout the day.

The Legend Suppliers!

Lucy Taylor - Photographer -

Gecko Films - Videographer -

Penny Roger - Cake

Bezerkaz Circus - Entertainment -

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